Past projects

This archive is under construction. Here’s some stuff from the past:

🏛 Roma Gov Jam – facilitating a collaborative event on the design of services for the public administration. With Urban-ita.

Resistance by Design – a series of design workshops in Central Hill and West Kensington & Gibbs Green estates in London to co-design alternatives to demolition and redevelopment. With Architects for Social Housing.

💞 Genuine Regen – how can professional and community-led design be balanced in participatory processes of regeneration of housing estates? A research conducted at The Bartlett, University College London.

💎 Stup!Making a workshop series inspired by hidden heritage in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter: abandoned factories and the glorious history of pen trade. Urban explorations and rapid prototyping. With Vincenzo Meoli.

🥕 IncrediMill! – an environmentally sustainable programme enabling citizens to re-appropriate the territory of the Royal Docks, in London, starting from the abandoned Millennium Mills factory. 

🚢 Amsterdam Navy Yard – two-week research studio on the future of Amsterdam’s former navy yard during Summer School Thinking City.

🌱 Stem Procedure (IT) – intervention proposal for the urban regeneration of Mirandola, Italy, after the earthquake in 2012. Published in Tagliabue F, Bassoli N (2016) Stem Procedure – Post Earthquake Regeneration Strategies, Maggioli, Milano

🌼 Mapping Via Quarti – a research on the relationship between residents and the social housing estate in Via Quarti, Milan. With the social cooperative Comunità Progetto.