Hi there! I’m Viola

My name is Viola Petrella. I’m from Italy.

💌 You can reach me at viola@violapetrella.com

🌱 I’m a designer interested in how we can work together to achieve positive change.

🌿 Relationships are at the centre of my research and practice, with the goal of fostering environments where people collaborate in a joyful, mutually supportive, respectful, emotionally healthy and productive way.

🌳 I am currently a postgraduate researcher in Northumbria University, researching the role of relationships in design and social innovation.

Current projects

📚 I am a PhD student in Design. The aim of my research is to better understand the role and value of interpersonal relationships when we design within processes of social innovation. You can read my paper on mutuality and reciprocity here.

🏫 I am a consultant and facilitator. I am usually working on different projects at the same time. For example, right now I am working with Centro Servizi Formazione on Scuole al Centro, a project funded by the social enterprise Con i Bambini. My role is to organise workshops with teachers and 11-13 year old kids to reframe the school as a common good. Together, we are (re)designing some of the school’s spaces and services to better serve the whole community.

🌸 I am also a member of CivicWise, an international distributed and open network that promotes citizen engagement, developing concrete actions and projects based on collective intelligence, civic innovation and open design.

Past projects

I have worked on different projects over the years. You can find some of them here.

🍦 You can also get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter