Hi there! I’m Viola

My name is Viola Petrella. I’m from Italy.

πŸ’Œ You can reach me at viola@violapetrella.com

🌱 I’m a designer interested in how we can work together to achieve positive change.

🌿 Relationships are at the centre of my research and practice, with the goal of fostering environments where people collaborate in a joyful, mutually supportive, respectful, emotionally healthy and productive way.

🌳 I am currently a postgraduate researcher in Northumbria University, researching the role of relationships in design and social innovation.

🎀 I love to listen and I love talking, so I co-produce and host a podcast. We discuss social and cultural innovation with experts and innovators from all across Italy. It’s in Italian – you can listen to it here, or check out our website for more platforms πŸ™‚

Current projects

πŸ“š I am a PhD student in Design. The aim of my research is to better understand the role and value of interpersonal relationships when we design within processes of social innovation.

🏫 I am a consultant and facilitator. I am usually working on different projects at the same time. Right now, I am working with Centro Servizi Formazione on Scuole al Centro, a project funded by the social enterprise Con i Bambini. My role is to organise workshops with teachers and 11-13 year old kids to reframe the school as a common good. Together, we will (re)design some of the school’s spaces and services to better serve the whole community.

πŸŒ† I co-founded ofΒ Atelier CittΓ , a group of built environment and local development professionals. We were involved in the mapping of, and strategy development for abandoned and underused spaces and buildings in Pavia, Italy.

🌸 I am also a member of CivicWise, an international distributed and open network that promotes citizen engagement, developing concrete actions and projects based on collective intelligence, civic innovation and open design.

Past projects

I am building an archive of past projects. You can find some of them here.

🍦 You can also get in touch via LinkedIn
🐌 As of January 2019, I’m not on any other social media platform. Freedom!